Friday, 22 August 2008

What kind of Church is emerging?

I went to a panel session about emerging church. The panel consisted of "leaders" from a range of communities and collectives from London to Seattle. They all said a little bit about themselves and what characteristics they thought emerging churches might have. So we had reference to collective leadership, acceptance, cultural relevance, need orientated mission, and so on... At one point they asked who would consider themselves to be members of emerging churches. I didn't put my hand up since I always feel I don't quite fit in with the "cool" people who usually run these things, but I'm not sure this was particularly honest. I am part of a range of communities which could be considered "emergent". The signs of an emerging church can be found in a wide range of places including some of the apparently more traditional communities...

Emerging Church - is the collective name for a family of new communities
Emerging Church - is the continual process of renewal and reformation which enables the Church to engage with each new era
Emerging Church - is what we are all becoming as Christ leads us on...

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