Saturday, 30 August 2008

Nick Adlem's Induction

After a break of two whole years, Christ the Sower School has a chaplain again!

This afternoon there was a service of welcome and induction for Nick. It was a very URC service - which meant there were some fairly long prayers - but it also included that wonderful URC tradition of "telling the story". Alison told us (very briefly) the story of the appointment process from the Watling Valley perspective and Nick then responded by telling us about his own decisions.

When she spoke, Alison looked very relieved that this journey had reached its conclusion. She did very well to compress all the things we had to do into a very brief account.

Nick then told us about his dreams in Egypt last year where he felt the need to change horses. He also spoke about the "sign" that God gave him when he wanted to know if this was the right job for him. Apparently he and Heather-Anne saw a group of workmen raking some ground near Furzton Lake and then sowing seeds. It spoke to him of the sower imagery so central to the vision of the school. Isla found this particularly moving since she passes this field every day on her way to work.

At the end of the service they were presented with a (Sheila Wilson) cake to cut, which Nick compared to the sacrificial bulls used to make covenants in ancient times - and so with the stab of a knife, the deal was made...

...we're now in this together!
Many congratulations to Nick and Heather Anne and best wishes for the next few years!

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