Friday, 22 August 2008


Isla and I have been Greenbelters for a few years now. I first went in 1987 making this my 21st year! Isla came with me in 1992. We've got a number of friends who have been going for even longer. Our firend Dave was wearing his 1985 Tshirt this year!

We arrived at Cheltenham Racecourse (where GB has been based since 1999 - Iona's first year). Rozi and John arrived yesterday with the "yoof" who put up our tent - hooray! Rozi is driving electric taxis and John is deputy-managing a venue - Foxhunter.

During the first evening I managed to bump into Andrew Gear (our PDA) and then we bumped into Karen (our archdeacon) - it`s a small world!

The happy campers from Milton Keynes had burgers for tea followed by Mars bar fondue.

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