Tuesday, 5 August 2008

5. Running for Life

Exercise has been a key element of this sabbatical. I joined a gym (see Fresh Expressions of Gym) and ran a half marathon (see Half Marathon). I have really enjoyed stretching myself a bit more than usual and getting into a regular pattern of exercise.

But this shouldn't be a once in ten year event. We are all told that we should exercise four or five times a week. Having done this I must say I feel fitter and more positive. I'm sure I function better if I have regular exercise.

The question is, as I return to "full-time" work, do we want vicars to put in 80 hours a week because there's so much to do? Or do we want them to be functional? This is a real choice which clergy need to take responsibility for themselves and their congregations need to support...

When I look back at these notes in a few months time, will I have managed to put this into practice? Only time will tell...

And it's not just vicars who need to exercise, we could all do with a bit more physical activity. What could you do?

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