Monday, 18 August 2008

Thorpe Park

For the second part of Isla's birthday treat, we went to Thorpe Park and spent a wonderful day dodging showers and trying out rides. Izzy loved the Flying Fish which was a small powered roller-coaster. Iona preferred Colossus - a beast of a ride with no-less than ten inversions (technical speak for "going upside down"). Isla tried out the incredibly tall Stealth which drops you down vertically from 205 feet!

Unfortunately Isla and Iona had a two hour wait in the queue for Colossus. While they were standing around - in the rain - Izzy and I went down to the "beach" where some entertainers were struggling to find people to amuse. Izzy entered the sand castle competition - and won - which would have been an even greater achievement had anyone else entered...

The only real disapointment was that the huge water shute Tidal Wave didn't start running until after 6:00pm. The queue was over an hour long within minutes! The girls were dispapointed to leave without trying it out, but you can't do everything. Maybe next time!

A fabulous day out!

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