Friday, 15 August 2008


Isla and I popped in to see Nick and Heather-Anne Adlem this afternoon who have now arrived in the Watling Valley and are living in Pauline's former house in Emerson Valley. It was good to see them again and they seem reasonably pleased to be here. Nick will be welcomed as SCM minister and Chaplain of CtS on the 30th August.

Also - had a phone call from Nigel, Archdeacon of Newark, to follow up a conversation from 18 months ago. It was good to hear from him again and very interesting to note that the Diocese of Southall is restructuring. They're going from 14 to 9 deaneries (I think) and appointing half-time area deans in each - which mirrors our thoughts here and what I know is also happening in Canterbury. All very interesting...

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