Friday, 22 August 2008

Juliet Turner

We are all big Juliet Turner fans - particularly the kids who love her song Dr Fell and know all the words off by heart. Since she was singing at the Performance Cafe - at 10pm - we needed to stay up for the show. Izzy, unfortunately for her, slept through the whole thing and was therefore very cross in the morning.

She sang a number of old favourites and some of the songs from her new album, People have Names. It's always good to hear her talk about the songs and explain why she wrote them and what they may be about. We particularly enjoyed her introduction to the song, Pick a Story, since the little girl she wrote it for was in the audience.

This was classic Juliet Turner. The new album might seem a little same-y to some, but it's growing on us.

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Iona said...

It was great!!!