Sunday, 18 February 2007

Psalm 99

Tune: St Matthew DCM

1. The Lord is king; he reigns on high,
let all the nations quake;
enthroned upon the cherubim
he makes earth move and shake!
The Lord is Zion’s Mighty King,
exalted all abroad.
Let nations praise his fearful name.
Sing, Holy is the Lord!

2. O Mighty King, in strength you come,
and reign in equity.
For love of justice, you delight
to judge us righteously.
In Jacob’s land you bring forth peace
according to your word.
Exalt the Lord. At his feet fall.
Sing, Holy is the Lord!

3. Moses, Aaron and Samuèl,
called on God’s holy name.
They cried to God, who answered them.
From cloud their answer came.
They kept the statutes of the Lord,
to peace they were restored.
Exalt the Lord, who is our God.
Sing, Holy is the Lord!

(c) Tim Norwood. This text can be reproduced without charge but may not be printed comercially without the permission of the author.