Sunday, 1 July 2007

Psalm 77

Tune: St Clement 9898

1. I call to God; I cry out to him.
I call to God; he will draw near.
In days of trouble, I will seek him.
I call to God and he will hear.

2. I stretch my hands to God in darkness,
My soul is poured out endlessly.
I think of God and groan in sadness;
is there no comfort here for me?

3.* My eyes are open but I’m blinded
I am so dazed, I cannot flee.
When I consider days now ended,
the memories are dark to me.

4.* At night I lie awake and wonder
what plans the Lord has made for me.
In grief my spirit makes me ponder
when God will set his people free.

5.* Has mercy gone from us for ever?
Will God show us his love no more?
Has he lost pity in displeasure?
Are promises no longer sure?

6. The hand of God is strong as ever;
his arm unchanged; his love the same.
His praise we will declare forever.
His mighty deeds we will proclaim.

7. Your way, O God, is always holy.
There is no god as great as you.
Throughout the world you show your glory
and to your people you stay true.

8. The waters saw you, God of wonders.
The waters saw and were afraid.
You speak to us in fire and thunder
and through the sea your path is laid.

9. In all creation; land and water,
the depths below, the clouds above;
your voice is heard; it makes earth shudder,
but we your people know your love.

The lectionary for 2007 only requires verses 1-2, 11-20, so the stared verses are omitted.

(c) Tim Norwood. This text can be reproduced without charge but may not be printed comercially without the permission of the author.