Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sustaining the Sacred Centre

Sustaining the Sacred Centre
“This is about encouraging and enabling clergy and lay people to deepen their enjoyment of God, and to recognise God’s presence in everyday life.”
Christian discipleship can be a hard path to follow and there are often real challenges for us to face. We all need to realise that it is impossible to serve Christ without the resources that come from our relationship with him.

There is a “sacred centre” to our life as disciples and communities and that centre is God. When we loose our focus on him or allow something else to steal our attention, it is inevitable that we become weary, tired and purposeless - and begin to loose hope.

In Milton Keynes we are conscious that church life can often be dominated by meetings and responsibilities. There is so much that we can do or feel we should engage with. At the same time we often unintentionally give the impression that the maintenance of our church institutions is the only way that God’s people can serve him - or that God is only concerned with things that happen in church.

It is important that we give each other permission and time to encounter God. Our life with God is like a fresh spring or a deep well that will sustains us and helps us to live.

The Deanery of Milton Keynes will:
  • Seek to provide more space for prayer in deanery meetings. This will
  • require more discipline and careful planning. There is no reason why
  • meetings should not finish before 9:30pm and include serious time for
  • corporate worship and prayer.
  • Encourage deanery chapter to take the lead. Chapter should give more
  • priority to their own enjoyment of God and should make time for away
  • days, times of prayer and other opportunities for refreshment.
  • Continue to look for ways to develop prayer and spirituality. This should be
  • a priority for the work of the synod. There will therefore need to be regular
  • space to share and discuss ideas and good practice.
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