Thursday, 4 June 2009


I've been thinking about the whole issue of what we call "Local Shared Ministry". It strikes me that there are three problems with out current nomenclature:

1. The term "Local Shared Ministry" is in use by some projects with a very particular definition as to what LSM might be defined as. Within our ecumenical and postmodern urban context we are very wary of "master plans" and "grand/meta narratives". We therefore want to be organic, fluid and bottom up - which means that we have decided not to go for some of the more structured approaches that LSM might suggest.

2. When we capitalise "Local Shared Ministry" or "LSM" it implies a very specific "brand name" or scheme. While we do have a project group and some fairly sophisticated strategic thoughts, we are also conscious that we are observing and encouraging a phenomenon or tendency in the western church, rather than necessarily creating it. If we were to use a lower case this may help indicate this.

3. We have also noted that there are three elements in our minds: a) locally derived ministry, b) shared ministry and leadership and c) support for ministry in terms of oversight, empowerment and mentoring. I have often thought it would be nice if we could reflect this in our language...

So, I'd like to suggest that (in Milton Keynes) Local Shared Ministry becomes local shared and supported ministry - and if you really need initials you could call it lss.

That's my mad idea of the day...

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Eccentric Paul said...

I think it is logical sensible and suitable