Thursday, 18 June 2009

Appendix C: The Dream of the LSM Project Group

Appendix C: The Dream of the LSM Project Group

We dream of a church in which…

we are all followers of
the Way of Jesus who are -
living in the presence of God;
serving Christ with one another;
taking part in the Mission of God in the World…

we are all active in the
ministry of Christ –
being his body in a broken creation;
building one another up for works of service;
fulfilling his call in the midst of daily life…

we are empowered and
driven by the Spirit –
who fills us with gifts and guidance;
who leads us out into new territory;
helping us to develop new expressions of faith and community…

we serve together in
collaborative and mutual ministry –
each member an active participant,
according to their gifts and calling;
leadership exercised by the whole body acting as one…

all forms of ministry are recognised
and given space to grow –
ministries of loving service;
ministries which walk with others in the territory of the Holy;
ministries of connection, oversight and vision…

Servant Leadership is exercised so that
those in positions of authority
encourage and support the ministry of others,
coordination, facilitation and empowerment
are more important than power and control,
and each member is nurtured, trained and supported
as a valuable member of the team…

the local church is valued
because God meets us
in relationship, community
and a need for “home”
and blesses each community
with the resources it needs
to be Christ’s body;
creating space where human beings
can encounter God…

the wider church is valued
because it exists
to make local ministry possible,
and unites us in fellowship
with people of God
in every time and place…

hope will always overcome fear,
because we are not obsessed
with failure,
competition or even survival,
but continually draw onwards
as faithful pilgrims,
who experience growth,
transformation and new life…

We will work towards this vision…
with fresh and inherited
expressions of church;
as listeners, partners,
mentors and companions;
by reflecting on the voice of God
in the stories we tell…

We dream of a church…

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