Friday, 5 June 2009

Collectomania 15

Isla's mum and brother came up to Milton Keynes today for the weekend. There's now a train that runs from Ashford to Bedford so they were able to come pretty much all the way in one go. We managed to get to Bedford in time to pick them up in the morning.

Bruce and I went to the Collectomania event which is now in the Dons Stadium. While it's been great while these have been held in Middleton Hall in CMK, the new venue has a lot of potential. It was particularly good to see how they used the walkway around the stadium as a place for people to meet the celebs - although it was a shame that it wasn't as warm as it has been this week.

I hope the new venue pays off for them. It's certainly great to have an event like this in Milton Keynes. We need more diversity and dreams and a reminder that there's a bigger world (or universe) out there than we can capture through Next and JLP...

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