Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Mind of Christ: Collaborative Leadership in the Emerging Church (Outline)

Section 1: What is Collaborative Leadership - Defining Terms
In this section I will define terms like 'fresh expressions', 'emerging church', 'collaborative leadership', 'collaborative ministry' and so on...
Section 2: Thinking about Collaborative Leadership
Christian Scriptures
- The Tyranny of Rightness - black/white perception leads to pathological behaviour
- Patriarchy and Theocracy - Biblical models of authority in tension ("might is right" vs "acts of God")
- The Word and Reign of God - only God is capable of being right
- The Mind of Christ - the Body of Christ through the Spirit
Christian History
- The conciliar movement
- The voice of the other - Benedictine tradition
- Radical Alternatives - Quakers, Diggers, etc...
- The democratisation of the Church - synods and councils, etc...
Political Theory
Leadership and Organizational Theory
Postmodernity and the Information Age
Section 3: Observing Collaborative Leadership
The Local Ministry Movement
New Ways of Being Church
Emerging Churches
Fresh Expressions
Section 4: Analysing Collaborative Leadership
Case studies...
Section 5: Describing Collaborative Leadership

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