Tuesday, 30 June 2009

CafeChurch is go!

Had a great meeting this evening about CafeChurch. We gathered a group of people from across MK so that Mike Baldwin and I could give some feedback from the training session we attended on 16th May (See CafeChurch Training).

There were three (and a bit) people from Cornerstone, two from New Bradwell, two from Woughton and a couple of part people (as it were) from Watling Valley...

We had a good discussion about the merits and issues concerned with the CafeChurch option which I felt was realistic and sensible. We decided that this project was well worth exploring and have commited to aim for a launch event (with carols) at Christmas.

Our focus (initailly) will be on the town centre, working with Cornerstone but with a team gathered from across the city. If this goes well, the same team may then work with another group of local churches to help them launch a CafeChurch in their area. Ernesto compared this plan to the menonite approach to barn building - everyone gathers to build the barn for one family - and does the same for others when required.

We're going to see if we can attend an existing CafeChurch nearby and then meet again in September to move this forward. Should be fun!

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