Monday, 15 June 2009

Running better - sustainable me

I ran home from school in 26 minutes and 13 seconds, my best 5K time since 8th July 2008. My record remains 24 minutes and 40 seconds - which I did during my sabbatical when I was able to exercise more regularly. Of course, I do need to increase my exercise frequency and improve my diet. I've just been writting up our deanery plan which calls for the Church in Milton Keynes to promote, encourage and model sustainability - and that really ought to include me... It's really hard, since the temptation to work harder is always there, but I do need to prioritise family, health, exercise and spirituality - not just for my own sake, but also as an act of witness. The good news that we preach is that God loves us and wants the best for us - and we need to respond by being good stewards of the complete person he has created us to be.

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Peter Leeson said...

Running home from school? Is that the example you want to give to the younger generation? Running away from school? Tut.