Monday, 8 June 2009

LYFE and Foundation 21

Check out Lyfe - the new approach to Bible Study being promoted by the Bible Study. It's basically the kind of approach we used to use very successfully in Team Space: Read a passage, allow it to speak to you and reflect together. This kind of approach actually works very well if you approach it prayerfully and collaboratively. Another example of KISS. The advantage with Lyfe is that the Bible Society are supporting it and providing an on-line infrustructure and resources. They're also keen that Lyfe groups meet in public places like cafes. Anyone up for a Lyfe group?

At the same time BRF are making Foundations 21, their on-lone discipleship programme free. Well worth a look.

They are very different approaches. One is light and process driven; the other is content heavy and structured. Different tools for different people.

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