Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Blog Analysed

I've just been looking at Google Analytics to see what's been going on with my blog. Unsurprissingly, while my blog activity has dropped I've had less visitors - dropping to around twenty a day during the past month.
It's been interesting to see which pages people have been visiting though.
Over the past year I've had 2,781 unique visitors who have looked at 13,512 pages.
The most popular old pages that people have revisited have been:
  1. The Scratch Band - which has been sought out 197 times - all during February 2009!
  2. The whole month of December 2008 (!) - which has been viewed 148 times - why?
  3. A review of David Robertson's Collaborative Ministry - 79 times
  4. Martha's Passion of Christ - 79 times
  5. Ordinations - 77
  6. Sainsburys - 72
  7. What is Local Shared Ministry - 72
  8. My Sunday Services - 71
  9. What came first, the chicken or the egg - 68
  10. and Living Faith in Milton Keynes - 68
Runners up include The Shenley Nativity (which appears a number of times under different searches), How to annoy a vicar's wife, Moggerhanger Clanger, What makes a healthy church and A job description for church members... Speedos is still climbing up the charts with more comments coming in as we speak...
It's interesting to know that most people seem to visit the page for the day rather than stumble in through a specific page, but it's also interesting to know what pages they do go looking for...

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