Sunday, 3 May 2009

Job Description for Church Members

I while ago I was lucky enough to see a job description for a minister (won't say the denomination or location) which included a job description for a church member.
In brief it said that the duties of a church member were:
  • to attend services and meetings
  • to support the work of the church financially
  • to let the minister know about any pastoral needs
While I'm sure this may have been helpful for any prospective clergy, it seemed to me that it missed the mark if we see church members as disciples or "practising Christians".

So on Sunday I asked the congregation of All Saints' in Loughton what they thought the job description of a church member should be, and they came up with this description:

Church Membership - according to ASL
  • Everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, race or background. Sinners are in particularly high demand.
  • A close relationship with God is something you should want. You will need to be willing to maintain it with prayer and Bible study.
  • Turning up for public worship and small groups is crucial. Spending time with fellow members is essential for personal growth and community involvement.
  • Loving others is a key task. You will need to be willing to care for fellow members - and even the clergy.
  • Your mission will be outside the church family. You will be expected to love your neighbour - even if your "neighbour" is on the other side of the world. Liking Fairtrade coffee would be an advantage. Can you be a spokesperson for the disadvantaged?
  • Sharing your faith with others is a responsibility of all members.
  • Live life to the full! - as God is calling you to do.

You should be:

  • Willing to give your time, talents and money for the work of the whole Church. It's a full time job!
  • Open minded, flexible, punctual, non judgemental and a good listener. An ability to multi-task would be helpful.
  • Willing to face whatever is thrown at you. You may be required to lay down your life.

Key skills:
It would be helpful to be a keen singer. Grass cutters and cleaners are in high demand.

You will be:
  • Changed by God!
  • Paid? - the rewards are eternal - but you may need to wait...

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