Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Unit 1: Practical theology: context, practice and performance

I've just been looking at the guidance notes for unit 1 and am thinking about the kind of work I will need to do. Assuming that I'm focussing on collaborative leadership I should be able to build on work I did last year in my sabbatical but focus on this issue in a more systematic way. The guidance notes suggest that I will need to present a "critical review of the performance, ideas and methods of an established scholar within or associated with the field". This does sound worth while and will probably be good fun - if that's not being too enthusiastic. I suspect it will be best to identify the scholar after an initial period of reading around the subject, but potential suspects would include Robin Greenwood, Kevin Thew-Forester, Stewart Zabriskie or Fredrica Harris Thompsett. Alternatively, I would be tempted to focus on "Skills for Collaborative Ministry" which does seem to be well respected and present a good account of current thinking about good practice.
In the meantime, I'm going to start a systematic survey of the books I already have on my shelf and see where that takes me.

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