Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Practical Doctorate

I hope to use my blog hope to focus my research, reading, writing and data collection for my work as part of a Practical Doctorate with Anglia Ruskin University. At the moment I'm still waiting for a formal letter but it seemed sensible to start gathering information and reflections now.

The title of the overall research project is, at the moment, "Thinking Together" and I plan to focus on the issue of collaborative decision-making, particularly in the context of fresh expressions and collaborative ministry.

I will need to write a 7000 word literature review, a 6-8000 word research presentation and a 7000 proposal before starting on a 60,000 word thesis. My hope is to produce the initial work within the fifteen month minimum period, enabling me to finish the whole thing within three years. This is fairly ambitious but the time-scale may be essential in order to fit all this in with my work...

Wish me luck.

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