Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Just been to a residential home for the monthly service. Decided to do a simple service based on SU all age material from Light. It went very well. In fact one of the ladies commented, without knowing that I'd used all age materials, that it was good to have things explained in simple language that they could understand rather than the complicated words that they get from the pulpit.
It also should be noted that none of them really understood what ascension day was, where it fits into the story of Jesus and what it might mean - even though many of them had been to church all their life! (With the possible exception of one Roman Catholic...)
...and the moral of this story is Keep It Simple Stupid

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Eccentric Paul said...

I am always in favour of KISS (keep It Simple Stupid)

Perhaps this was a factor in the success of the Deanery Meeting yesterday.

People of my age (51) will remember getting Ascension Day off at school. Well we did at Thomas Harding in Chesham.

A final note on Ascension Day relates to a sermon given by the late David Goldie when I was at the Cornerstone. He likened the event (ie the brilliant white bit)as akin to a Persil advert!