Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Longest Lever

The Greek philosopher and scientist Archimedes once said, "give me a lever long enough and I will move the world."

It turns out that the lever wasn't that long. In fact it's small enough to keep in your mouth. In the words of the Apostle James, it's the Tongue - or rather, communication.

The human ability to communicat, it turns out, is the most powerful tool we have, providing a lever that has been powerful enough to move the world many times over the cenuries. Today, of course, it is more powerful, universal and easy to use than ever.

Archimedes used it himself and, as I discovered when I googled "lever quote" he's still out there...

James chapter 3 contains a wonderful rant in which he is scandalised by the aweful observation that both good and evil spring from this seemingly insignificant yet powerful source. In our own day we should heed his warning, but not be afraid to speak up. We are capable of great good and great evil but, in the words of another global communicator "with great power comes great responsibility."

Let's not take communication lightly, but responsibly and reverantly in the sight of almighty God... Don't be afraid. Open your mouth, turn on your computer, paint a picture, pick up your camera - and ask God to fill your communications with love, joy and peace - and maybe allow him to use your lever to change the world occasionally...

(This post is, of course a brief summary of this Sunday's sermon)

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