Sunday, 5 April 2009

Palm Sunday

It was one of those Sundays - most of the regulars were away - including most of the people on the duty list - and the rest were ill or unavailable - add to that half the congregation being visitors probably expecting a fairly trad palm Sunday - and you've got the perfect recipe for a seasonal all-age service at All Saints - happens rather a lot...

Having said this, we've got very good at making it happen. Rozi helped me on music and some palm crosses turned up. I put together a simple service based on the whole of Luke 19 from "Good as New". In the end it was a very meaningful event.

I was particularly struck myself with the power of the story as it moves from Jericho to Jerusalem. John Henson's retelling gave both humour and punch to the narrative and I particularly appreciated the way that the parable of the talents (in context) became a key part of the interpretive framework. It really stood out as Jesus' explanation to the crowds of all that was taking place - with a clear warning about the future. In fact, the whole reading was powerfully relevant set against the G20 and the riots in London. Luke 19 has a lot to say to us in our contemporary mess. As I said on Sunday, this is not an old story, but our story - the stakes are high!

Well done all - and thanks for a great palm Sunday!

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