Saturday, 4 April 2009

Deanery Finance Committee

The Deanery Finance Committee (DFC) is responsible for the allocation of the Deanery Share to parishes and for the management of deanery finances.

The main task of the DFC during the past couple of years has been to produce a ten year transition plan which has two main objectives:

1. for as many parishes as possible to be paying 80% of their ministry costs by 2013

2. for the deanery as a whole to be paying 100% of its ministry cost by 2018

The DFC has also been working on the issue of the quinquennial inspection scheme which is being relaunched without a financial element.

In 2009 the Deanery Finance Committee meeting dates agreed so far are:
22nd June

There is also a Finance Sponsoring Board meeting on 5th May which includes all the denominations who are part of the LEP funding scheme in Milton Keynes.

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