Monday, 20 April 2009

Only a small dog

Went for a three mile run this morning - on the way back from school. As sometimes happens a small yapping dog came running at me from the front. I had to stop. The woman who was walking her dog said, "Don't worry he's only a small dog. He won't bite. He only wants to play."

Setting aside the fact that I have only ever been bitten by dogs belonging to owners who said that their dog didn't bite, I had to explain to the owner that it wasn't biting I was worried about, but breaking my neck as I tripped over said enthusiastic animal. My problems are intensified by the fact I run without my glasses - small dogs on nearly invisible leads are therefore a death trap!

Anyway, I had a pause (paws) and said hello to her dog, who was very keen to have a bit of affection, which was nice - some kind of bull dog I think, but I'm no good with breeds... I finished my run in 28.27 which was OK, but it would have been nice to get into the 27s again... Never mind, hopefully there won't be any small yapping dogs next time. Big ones on leads are easier to avoid.

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