Saturday, 11 April 2009

Egg Rolling

It wouldn't be the Saturday before Easter without the annual egg-rolling and decorating event - including the annual opportunity to target Rozi with boiled eggs - and the usual controversy over what constitutes "doctoring" an egg. In the past there have been attempts to gain a small advantage by freezing, painting or rapping - but this year it did seem to be a fair fight!

Isla was absolutely delighted to win the over 16's competition - and longest overall roll I think - not that there's a prize for this...

The entertainments were supplemented this year by a raffle and a treasure hunt in aid of the renovations. Roger sent us on a tour of the graveyard for £1 each - raising nearly £100 overall which isn't bad.

This year's egg decorating competition was as serious as always. My entry was a Eggstra Terrestrial.

There were a number of really clever entries, including the wonderful "fried egg":

Iona made an eggsclamation mark:

But which cam first, the egg or the chicken leg?

Izzy won her age group with an eggstremely big giant:

...and Isla won again with a wonderful Chancellor of the Eggschequer - identified as Alistair Darling through the clever use of black and white paint...

All in all a wonderful way to spend Holy Saturday and a good example of why All Saints' is doing well...

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