Monday, 19 January 2009


I went for a longer run this morning - as part of my preparation for the 1/2 marathon. I set out to do an eight mile run - but couldn't cope with hills after the first six... I did manage to get round and felt well and truly bushed...

Phone calls and emails in the morning. Lunch with Mary Cotes. Funeral in the afternoon.

In the evening I joined the St Mary's Worship leaders at St Mary's. This group has evolved very nicely from a group who stepped forward to lead worship two years ago. They're now taking responsibility for planning and working well together. It has been a joy to watch them develop. This evening we reviewed Christmas 2008 and started thinking about Christmas 2009. They decided to have a planning meeting for Christmas in June - not the 25th...

I have to say that I have found comments about the business of clergy particularly uncomfortable this year since I really wasn't that busy - at least with Christmas services. We have such a well developed team of lay leaders in all of our churches now that it is no longer a question of covering everything but finding space for the clergy to make a contribution... I think this is basically the way it should be but it feels odd when I get questions and comments about the hundreds of Christmas services that need to be covered.

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