Monday, 12 January 2009

Dawkins launches a revival!

Richard Dawkins' bus campaign, There's probably no God: Now stop worrying and enjoy your life! went national this weekend to the delight of preachers everywhere. This is a rare gift from the atheist community that was so greatly appreciated that some Christians felt moved to throw in a few quid to support it. One commentator rejoiced that he had achieved something very un-english - mentioning God in public!

This Sunday there were undoubtedly sermons all over the UK that explored the issues raised by this wonderful slogan - I made use of it myself. All I can say here is probably? I'm not that worried - and it's hard to enjoy life if you face injustice, poverty, racism or violence... Do I need to say more?

A more important campaign has been going on this weekend focussed on the violence in Gaza. I do note however that UN declarations are being made at the same time as the Israeli offensive is drawing to a close. It would have been really nice if those with power had intervened before hundreds of children had died...

President Bush says it's their own fault because they were Hamas - which I don't quite buy. I hope Dawkins wouldn't recomend they stop worrying and enjoy their life... As a Christian my recomendation would be a bit more listening, some genuine justice, a commitment to human rights and real change - or is that too much to ask?

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