Thursday, 8 January 2009

Back to Coventry

This has been a week dominated by Coventry - of all places!
On Saturday we went to Coventry for a jolly and visited the Cathedral.
Yesterday I worked with a Canon of Coventry Cathedral in an interview at Oakhill.
Today I visited Church House Coventry for a meeting...
Is God trying to tell me something? Should I be sent to Coventry more often? Should I be sending other people to Coventry? Any candidates?

Church House in Coventry is a wonderfully strange place. Part of it is an old town house and the rest is a huge modern building at the bottom of a steep garden. The main entrance feels like the back of an office where they keep the bins... Having said that, it's a lovely building and the people inside were very friendly.

The occasion was a Standing Committee meeting for the Local Ministry Consultation. We reviewed the feedback forms from the November conference and started planning the next one - a mix of principles and practice may be on the agenda... We also did some thinking about networking and the website. All in all a good and positive meeting.

I feel I need to drop in a quick note about my journey. When I told the team I was off to Coventry today there was some concern about my sanity - given the recent problems on the west coast line. According to the BBC however all would be fine - although they didn't predict that when I got to Northampton the train would be stuck for half an hour waiting for a platform, then break down. We then spent an hour in another train waiting for it to leave before being rushed across to another platform where another train finally took us on our journey...

Having had such a complex journey up I was not hopeful about the journey home. Fortunately, however I hopped on a nice Virgin Pendolino which seemed to take me home in half an hour - whoosh! Well worth the extra pennies...

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Paul B said...

Ah, a quick blog - as quick as George getting the minutes to us! I'm pleased you had a positive report to make of the meetng. your input was greatly appreciated on my side of the table. My Crosscountry sevice actually arrive a couple of minutes early in Basingstoke.