Sunday, 12 October 2008

Liz Baker at the Altar

This evening Liz Baker, from the Well and Watling Valley, presided at communion for the first time. She took a five O'clock service at the Church of the Servant King in Furzton, ans preached about food and faith...

Her sermon prop was an oven glove that she won at a harvest raffle the night before. It was covered with pictures of food and the appropriate biblical references.

At the end of the service, Mike, Team Leader of the Watling Valley, presented her with a pretend red stole - to stand in for the real one when it arrives.

It was a great service (although numbers were not high) and we all enjoyed seeing Liz begin this new ministry.

From her point of view this is time for relief. She's done it now! Next time won't be quite so frightening...

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