Friday, 10 October 2008

Harvest at CtS

What do ministers do on their day off? They watch other ministers at work...

Today we attended the Harvest festival assembly at Christ the Sower Schools (why are all their events on Friday?) Nick was heavily involved in the organisation and we were treated to a brief talked based on his dog (puppet) Scrap who helped him demonstrate that we all need someone's hand in us in order to live...

One of the parents sang a gospel song about God's peace and the children read prayers and the parable of the sower. They also sang all the school harvest faves: Cabbages fluffy, the Lord of the Harvest and there's a song to sing. (Slightly older readers will not recognise these hymns, but in return, the children wouldn't recognise Come, ye thankfull people come - so this works both ways...)

The centrepiece of the assembly was the shoe-boxes for Link Romania. Nick played a video which showed how the boxes were delivered and received. I think this was more effective than words could have been.

All in all, this was a great harvest assembly. Nick did well, the kids did well. It was slick and professional and moving. Well done all!

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