Saturday, 18 October 2008

Jayne and Simon

Jayne and Simon were married at St Mary's today. It was a super wedding with great readings by Mandy and Emma. We were reminded that "a chord of three strands is not easily broken" - so may God be with them as they continue their journey...

This was the first wedding that Liz has been involved with in Watling Valley. She's been part of a few wedding prep sessions but today she observed and led the intercessions. I'm looking forward to her first wedding in February.

After the service I popped into Stantonbury where a new baptist minister, Chris Howden, was being inducted. The sermon was by Brother Graeme, and Elder from the Holy Transfiguration Monastry - apparatnly one of only two baptist monasterys in the world (see Mr Jones and Me) I'm afraid I wasn't there long enough to get any good pictures, but anyone who asks a baptist monk to preach at their induction service should be a fairly interesting person!

P.S. Geoff Colmer has also mentioned this on his blog entry: Baptist Monk

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