Thursday, 19 March 2009

Juliet Turner

Great Juliet Turner gig at the Stables tonight. She was on good form although someone had nicked her bag in Maidstone. She thought that the MK audience was very sympathetic - in a cute way.

She always says something about her songs and admitted tonight that she uses a certain amount of poetic licence in her stories. On the other hand it was good to have a few words about some of her newer songs - particularly the ones she didn't talk about at Greenbelt.

I'm afraid I was often distracted from Juliet's singing by Brian's fingers - the man can play the guitar! How does he know where all the notes are?!

The support act was Gentry Morris (what a name - any relation Mike?) who sang a few songs including one about a box under the bed and one about murdering an adulterous partner (My Heart can surely hurt) - which was a bit disturbing, but did raise a laugh. Check out his MySpace site and you can hear five songs for free).

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Alastair said...

Another reason for regretting our move...would love to have come to the Stables for this gig...

Actually, not regretting move at all. Am regretting how long I have left it to claim my expenses (9 months & counting) but that's another story and one which my bank manager is keen to hear.....