Sunday, 1 March 2009

George and the Chaplain: Being Human does God

Isla and I watched the final episode of being human which included an appearance by the Hospital Chaplain - who is called automatically when a staff member is ill. The Chaplain proved to be a better than usual non-stereotypically vicarish bloke who was capable of sarcasm and able to learn.

With the Jewish werewolf George, he encounters a couple of thuggish vampires who are turned away by a Star of David and few verses from 1 Corinthians 13. These verses are helpful for George as he reflects on his need to grow up.

The Chaplain, on the other hand, is given the opportunity to have a more "elastic" world view. George offers him the option of seeing the vampires as "some very bad men". The Chaplain is left to decide whether he should trust the evidence of his eyes - or choose to see the world "through a glass darkly".

There's a lot here about truth, maturity, perception, sacrifice and courage. Throughout the episode different individuals are given the opportunity to make hard choices and grow up a bit. Mitchell chooses to face Herrick knowing it will be his death, but may save his friends. George appears to take the easy option - but it's a double bluff as he himself makes a similar choice. Annie chooses not to walk through the exit door, pulls herself together and goes off on a one ghost anti-vampire crusade.

Throughout the episode it is clear that none of the characters must make the hard choice. There is no pressure and only understanding and only sympathy and support for those who don't. On the other hand, the key characters do all make significant choices and the consequences are a big step forward in their quest to be more human. George observes that his ability to face difficult choices are the very thing that make him human - much to disappointment of Herrick.

All in all a worthy climax to a great series - demonstrating that we don't find our humanity in domestic comfort but on the sharp edges of our own brokenness.

I'm looking forward to series two already...

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