Saturday, 21 February 2009

Zero Waste Place

Shenley Church End is a Zero Waste Place - which means there is a six month government sponsored campaign taking place in the parish to reduce rubbish and raise recycling levels. Paul H and I met the people organising this a few weeks ago, but today we had the high point of the whole programme - a community day.

There was a splendid day at the leisure centre with free soup, teas and coffees and more. The community shop organised a swop shop, there were various demonstrations, a craft table and an opportunity to go pond dipping. It was a strangely local event with even the First Crownhill Scouts roped in...

We popped down with the Solloways and met Nick, the Catherills and a few others down there. While it is true that there weren't that many people (out of 3000plus residents) actually there, it was a true community event and was well worth while.

It did make me wonder (again) if there might be scope for a "Shenley Festival" one day...

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