Sunday, 15 February 2009

Magic on a Sunday

John Rowcroft-James was preaching at All Saints' today and did a splendid job. I was particularly pleased with the way he held the congregation during the first half of his sermon. His confidence is growing and he is now beginning to show what he can do. Well done!

He was a bit unfortunate to have me sitting in the congregation - but I really didn't have a clip board at the ready!

He had also planned to do a magic trick - which is wonderfully ironic (or magical?) given Friday's post: No Magic on a Sunday! - and he had only read my blog that morning - magic or the Holy Spirit?


Izzy said...

It was brilliant!!!

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

It's really encouraging seeing people grow their gifts for ministry in a local church. One thing leads to another... we all get enriched.

Iona said...

I think it was really really FUN!
(Because I was the first person doing it!)