Saturday, 6 September 2008

Record breaking wedding

The girls are away visiting Grandma in Kent. I have the house to myself - but plenty to do. I've made a start on some writing for Scripture Union - which needs to be in by Friday - and I've also been thinking about my sermon at Holy Trinity Wolverton for tomorrow.
The big job of the day, however, was a wedding at St Mary's in Shenley which had to start at 12 but finish in time for a reception at Horwood House at 1 - while still being a meaningful and legal event... In order to achieve this we had only one hymn and processed up to the altar during the music for signing the register. The real key was to be calm but disciplined - and to ensure that everyone else did what they needed to do on time.
I think, all things considered, we succeeded and this was, in the end, a very enjoyable and positive event. We even managed to miss the rain! So congratulations to Russell and Natasha and may all their endeavours go as smoothly!

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