Monday, 15 September 2008

MK Environment Group Conference

The MK Environment Group is advertising this conference at the moment. I hope to go if I can.
The theme is "Transport - A Journey to a Fairer Future" which is a fairly relevant issue in Milton Keynes. I would be interested to hear what the speakers have to say about our grid roads, which look green but are probably a major contributor to our carbon footprint!

I've just been reading a wonderful book called "The Party's Over" (review on the way) which has a lot to say about the issue of transport. This is a really serious issue and one we need to think about very carefully.


Transport – A Journey to a Fairer Future

This event takes place on Saturday 22nd November at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone. It will be preceded by the Annual Members Meeting of Christian Ecology Link, to whom our group is affiliated. The main programme will start just after 11.00am, with coffee and registration from 10.30 onwards.

Stephen Potter, Professor of Transport Strategy at the Open University, will give one talk entitled Let’s Stop Fuelling Ourselves in which he will consider what we have to do to cut transport emissions to a sustainable level, and another entitled Are Roads Evil? in which he will explore the ethics of transport and land use planning - looking at urban design issues generally, but with some MK examples included.

Michael Northcott, Professor of Ethics at the University of Edinburgh, will give two talks, one called The Desire for Speed and the other The Rhythm of the Earth. He will challenge us to think about our own travel habits, the reasons why we value our cars so highly, and how Christians could lead the way in adopting an approach to travel in the future which is more environmentally sustainable, and doesn’t disadvantage the poor.

There will be a time for discussion in small groups, when we can all consider some of the difficult questions the subject of transport generates, and a plenary session towards the end when questions arising from the day can be posed to a panel of experts. The day will conclude with a time of devotions, finishing at around 4.30pm.

This is a great opportunity for Christians in MK to be involved in the debate about future transport challenges. Please support this event by booking your place now! Cost £10 including lunch if booked before October 22nd. Contact David Miller on 01908 377376 or by email at Alternatively, download a pdf version of the booking form here - conference-booking-form-final-version.

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