Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Fresh Expressions at World Vision

After weeks of negotiation and discussion we finally have a venue for the Fresh Expressions Vision Day on the 15th November. We've booked the World Vision building. Tim Clapton and I had a wonderful tour and were introduced to some of the work they do. We were particularly impressed with the way they attempt to link projects with donors so that genuinely transformational relationships are established. All good stuff!

Anyway, we now have the Fresh Expressions Vision Day to organise. The venue will be great with a super space and four large break-out rooms. Just what we need! We decided that we would need a "venue manager" and I immediately though of John RJ after his Greenbelt adventures - and he has agreed to join us. Hooray!

We also have a web site (thanks to Tim) - www.freshexpressionmk.org.uk and can take bookings through an on-line form. I've produced a very quick flier which we're going to circulate...

Lots to do, but it all begins to look achievable and is going to be really exciting....

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