Sunday, 14 September 2008

Looking forward

While the rest of the world was celebrating Holy Cross Day (!) or the Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity, All Saints' was following the readings for Proper 21, 2009!

This was primarily to allow me to test run some SU material, but it was also a good opportunity to talk about pastoral care.

This was a good Sunday. For the first time, we sent the children out before the first hymn - rather than before the service - which gave me the opportunity to pray with them and do a bit of input with my new sunglasses (modelled here by Rozi).

During the service we also prayed for our new authorised preachers and gave them their "letters". Rozi, John, Sue and Phil have all shown that they have gifts in this area and have therefore been made authorised preachers on the understanding that they will all complete three portfolio competencies during the next three years - or produce evidence of previous work. There are six other preachers in the Watling Valley who will also receive their letters in the next few weeks... This is an exciting development!

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