Monday, 3 November 2008

Blog Feeds

A couple of people have asked me how to add blog feeds to a blog. Here are the instructions for use on blogger:

1. Click "Customise" at the top  right of the page.
2. Click "Add Gadget" in the column where you want to place your feed.
3. Click the + button next to "Blog List"
4. You can now alter the setting for you feed, indicating the title of the list, the order of the posts, the number of blogs displayed and so on...
5. To add a blog to the feed, click "Add a blog to your list" and type in (or paste) the URL of a blogs home page, i.e. without specifics about page or entry, e.g.
6. Click "Save" to complete the process.
7. If you want to add more blog feeds, just go back to the gadget and repeat stage 5.

It's fairly straight forward.

1 comment:

simon rudiger said...

thanks tim, works a treat!