Monday, 10 August 2009

Growing with Christ

I've been toying with the idea of a rolling discipleship course for some time. We've run a variety of nurture courses which have always been good, and there are a number of functional small groups. We have access to high quality training and can provide local training as well... On the other hand, I feel that nurturing disciples should be a higher priority than it is at the moment.

At the last team meeting before the summer we thrashed out five sessions dates on a Sunday Evening - all focussed on basic Christian nurture - so that we can meet the Confirmation deadline in November...
God is there and we need him
6th September at Servant King

Jesus: his life, death and resurrection
20th September at Servant King

The Holy Spirit and the Church
4th October at Servant King

Prayer and the Bible
18th October at Servant King

Belonging to the Church / Breaking Bread
1st November at Servant King

All Sessions will be at 6:00pm and will finish by 7:30pm
All of these sessions will be at the Church of the Servant King,
Dulverton Drive, Furzton.
What I'd be really interested in doing would be to continue into other themes, for example:
  • Spiritual Gifts - using Viewpoints or Network
  • The Five Marks of Mission - using the CMS course
  • Being a Welcoming Church - using the new course, and so on...
We could do short courses or one-offs... What I would also like to do, is keep a register and give people attendance certificates. This would give some affirmation and also help raise the profile a bit... What do you think? Good idea? What sort of subjects could we cover?

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Eccentric Paul said...

Can't think of any subject, but the Sunday Evening time of 18.00 to 19.30 is good if you work weekday evenings and miss out on all ther other good stuff that is going on in MK