Saturday, 4 July 2009

Lay Chair in Milton Keynes Deanery

As Paul Bright comes to the end of his time as Lay Chair, we need to look for someone to take over. The position of Deanery Lay Chair is a very significant one in any deanery and we need to find someone who has wisdom and clears gifts in leadership and administration. It is however a role within a team, and we don't need someone who can do everything by themselves.

In Milton Keynes we have developed a 'Deanery Leadership Team' which includes the Area Dean, Associate Area Dean, Treasurer, Secretary, Ecumenical Officer and Chapter Clerk. This team shares responsibility and is supported by a part-time Administrator, paid for by the Diocese. Although the Deanery Leadership Team was only set up a couple of years ago, it has already made a huge difference, helping deanery officers to work together and support each other in shared tasks and leadership.

We need to find a good Lay Chair who will join this team and share responsibility with others. This person needs to be an elected member of the 'house of laity' so must be an existing member of Synod. Please think and pray about this and consider who you feel is called to become our next Lay Chair. I will be writing to Synod members soon to ask for nominations.

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