Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Peter Pan in MK

This years panto in Milton Keynes is Peter Pan - with the incredible Henry Winkler (AKA the Fonz) as Hook.

Reviews have been mixed - but after two years of Bradley Walsh a lot of people were undoubtedly expecting lots of improvisation in panto by numbers where the actual plot is fairly irrelevant... Peter Pan is a different kind of panto and works best as a kind of scripted play.

This version was a fairly mixed bag...

A good production of Peter Pan requires a good Hook and a good Smee - and this had both, with Henry Winkler channelling the spirit of Dustin Hoffman and Andy Ford stealing the show as Smee.

The sets and special effects were also spectacular and well used - although a computer generated Tinkerbell occassionally disappeared into the background lighting.

It was a bit disapointing that the producers felt the need to insert some of the now traditional panto elements - in particular the use of contemporary tunes for no apparent reason.

Overall this was OK. Some people will love it, others will hate it. You can't win em all.

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