Wednesday, 16 July 2008


We popped to the theatre tonight on the off chance that they would have some tickets left. It turned out that there was a deal for cheap seats in the stalls so we went to Eurobeat - a Eurovision tribute.

On the way in we were given badges. I picked Sweden at random. Isla picked the UK. We then bought flags and went through to join the other audience members who now "came" from ten different European countries.

There was video intro from Terry Woggan himself who reminded us that Eurovision is his pension. The show then began, hosted by Les Dennis and Mel Giedroyc who gave a splendid performance as aging Bosnian superstars - we were in Sarajevo for the night.

We were treated to ten performances representing each of the ten nations - not France. Each entry was a parody of a particular Eurovision style. We had rapidly removed dresses, bizare post-modern acts, extremely camp performers, divas and boy bands.

The best bit, of course, was the voting. We were required to test our votes in during the interval which were then grouped by nation and delivered during the second half.

On this occassion, Ireland won, with a classic Irish la-a-long...

It's great fun! Apparently they're already working on next years - set in Amsterdam...


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