Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Conservatives and Liberals

Finally, the Conservatives and Lib Dems campaigns reach the Norwoods.
The Conservative flier is addressed to Isla - I guess they've given up on me... Their flier is on more expensive paper but the first thing that hit me were the words: left, right and above. I'm wondering if their policies are socialist, conservative or theological... Apparently Iain Stewart has the same NSPCC half marathon T-shirt as me...
The LibDem flier is fairly trad and cheap looking but stronger on content. Makes Peter Jones look like a potential MP.
I'd love to see some local poll results - I wonder if the balance in MK South has shifted...

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Peter Leeson said...

Having facilitated a debate between the three main party candidates, I will give my opinion:
Dr.Starkey (Lab) maintained the attitude she had when I visited her a few years ago for Christian Aid: at the time, her key sentence was "Trust Tony", this time it was that we need to "trust Gordon" and stop questioning his choices and decisions.
Iain Steward (Con) answered the questions that were asked in an open and knowledgeable manner, he came across as open-minded and competent.
Peter Jones (LD) refused to debate with the other two or even acknowledge the invitation.